Children's Medical Center campaign.
Campaign consists of 3 stop-motion, paper animated spots.
Built and painted the models under the direction of Jamie Caliri,
and art direction of Alex Juhasz. http://vimeo.com/13007682


Viva Las Vegas 14 Burlesque showcase.
Built the 6'-7' platform tiki head. The head included light up eyes,
smoking nostrils, and fabric flames. Also assisted on costuming.
Built the horns and shrunken head buckle under the direction of
Gris Grimly and Victoria Vengeance.


Built and designed various props and sets for the film.

Bent Image Lab.
Miscellaneous props.

United Heart.
Built and painted various props and sets under
the direction of Jamie Caliri and Alex Juhasz.

Fright Town.
Built and designed various props for the haunt attraction.


Graphic designs for various clients.


A custom Munny for a gallery show.


Cannibal Flesh Riot.
Built and animated the puppets for the film.

The Shellgame.
A student film created at CalArts.
Krampus marionette.

Various illustrations.